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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

House update!

The house. The house! It's been a long time since I posted an update and I'm happy to say that it's totally, finally, sort of coming together. And we are loving it. 

Here's a peek at what we've done so far....mainly on the main level. I'll share better photos and full room tours in the coming weeks, but these iphone shots will give you an idea on where we're at. 

The entryway is coming together! Totally digging the patchwork rug from Dash + Albert (called Gypsy Rose). We found some wooden numbers for stairs, which has been on my dream list for a long, long time. We're thinking about using removable wallpaper on the stair risers because, well, it's also been on the dream list, and I'm so crazy inspired by my Pinterest board called "for the love of stairs" - so good. 

Not sure the yellow bench will stay and I need to put photos in many of the frames, but I am definitely loving this and it feels like a dream come true ( I have wanted a wall like this for years.)

John fell in love with this vintage botany scroll and I'm loving the vibe it's giving this little corner of our home. 

Really excited about the kitchen. Color pops everywhere! Considering painting the kitchen island or an accent wall - not totally sure yet. We will see, but man am I digging all the space. I want to pinch myself often. 

There is a teal couch in our living room. Omg! We bought this couch from a local shoppe that I've always adored, which made my heart happy. More pics of this room coming soon. 

I'm crazy over our little back porch. I find myself here often - morning tea, swinging with True, afternoon sun break. The double hanging chair is from Pier1 and we LOVE it.

I'm still transitioning from my studio move out of Soul Shine Studio, but this desk/work/office space in a spare bedroom is totally inspiring me while I'm in transition. 

That's the peek so far, friends! I can't wait to share more with you as we add more and more layers. I'm falling back in love with decorating, loving the process of making it our own, and definitely cultivating some patience as we consciously take our time. All so good. 

Kelly Rae

Monday, July 21, 2014

Life with True

For some reason, gigantic life altering spiritual opportunities are falling into my path left and right this last month. I have no idea what is going on, but I just keep saying yes to them and to those that are ushering me toward them. It's totally amazin

I stumbled on this photo today of when I was 7 mos pregnant with True and the beams of light connecting my heart to my belly give me chills and clarity all over again. Thank you Andrea for capturing this all those years ago. It delights the deepest part of my spirit, this photo.

I thought I'd share some recent capture of True and his shiny spirit.....

We put a swing in our new front yard. I'm thinking it's gonna be in our lives a very long time. It was so sweet to witness True seeing it for the first time in our front yard, running straight for it with a wide smile. It's the littlest things, no?

I was a nervous wreck, but boy did he LOOOOVVVEE it. Nothing but giggles. 

John recently took him to the kiddie ride park. When they got home True said (with squeals), "I tried something I've never done before. I rode the ROLLERCOASTER!!!!!' Yeah, yeah, I was super brave, Mama." Totally adore him. I love how our kids are our teachers. He teaches me to play, to be brave, to feel my emotions, and to try new things.

I cannot believe he was a newbie just three years ago. This time on earth really is the longest, shortest time. And motherhood made me a newbie too, in all the best (and sometimes hardest) ways. This is love. And it's a journey of a lifetime.

We love this shirt by Geo Fox. True is super athletic (bikes! scooters! soccer!), super loves big kids (doesn't quite know what to do with kids his own age yet), and super loves his guitar and music. It's not uncommon to hear him singing "all you need is love" to himself at the top of his lungs after bedtime reading. He loves dancing and running around wild while also sincerely asking about your day, your highs and lows, and more. If he's comfortable, he's also a natural director and likes to direct all activity, when it happens, how it happens, who does what, etc.  I just love his well roundedness. And his heart. 

Last day in HI. We've had a full house of friends and visitors the last couple of days. Perfect way to end the trip. Also, bah bye snow cones. We're gonna miss you.

And these two. An intuitive once told me that True had been knocking on our door for about 10 years. She said he and John had travelled together many times and he was insistent they travel together again. As soon as she said it, I knew it to be true. These two are deeply intertwined, and totally in love. It's a beautiful thing to witness. I am a lucky lady. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Wear Your Joy Project

One day I started to get more intentional about what I was wearing, choosing only to wear clothes that delighted my spirit and lit me up. And then I invited others to join me, using #thewearyourjoyproject as the hashtag over on Instagram. 

This project has reminded how nothing in this life is superficial - but rather when our hearts speak, we gotta listen. We just never know where it will take us. In this case, it's taken me to something bigger - it's not about boots or pairing together perfect outfits. It's about wearing our joy.

Click here to read the full story of how this project came to be. 
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Click here if you want to follow along in Instagram (use #thewearyourjoyproject to join in!)

Trying something a little different today for #thewearyourjoyproject. Pairing a tunic (from #boden) with leggings, a big belt, and a pair of new shoes from #poeticlicence that are quite possibly my favorite pair of shoes that I've bought since I bought a

I'm trying out leggings with slips peeking out. Kind of love it. Also, these shoes (from here). They are so cozy and sassy. Love!


Shirts under tanktops = one of my favorite things ever. I could wear this everyday.

Friends, it was a good day.

Experimenting with belts and loving it! This one is from the sale rack at Anthropologie. And the yellow tunic? It's from Boden and makes me wanna picnic.

Who made up the rule that we shouldn't wear floral with stripes? Breaking the rules today as I get #dressedupinjoy. Also, did you know that I was voted "most likely to wear stripes with plaid" in high school? #somethingsneverchange #thewearyourjoyproject

Why not? I'm digging the mix of patterns while keeping the colors similar. In the highschool yearbook I was voted most likely to wear stripes with plaid - total evidence that some things never change.

This project and practice keeps me in my joy first thing in the morning. That, and hello color. Love that it's warm enough to bring out the skirts again. This one is made by Ginza Girl (local biz). #dressedupinjoy #thewearyourjoyproject

Hello yellow shoes. You are my favorite.

#tbt #irememberthisdresslikeitwasyesterday

Had to throw this one in. I remember this dress like it was yesterday. And I loved it so.

Wanna join The Wear Your Joy Project? Feel free to join in with me over on Insta (use #thewearyourjoyproject to join in!) or Facebook or your blogs or just in private.

Feel free to join in with me over on Insta or Facebook or your blogs or just in private. 
I hope you'll learn what I'm relearning: Style isn’t superficial. It’s the call of your heart, made visible — and wearable.
- See more at: http://kellyraeroberts.blogspot.com/search/label/the%20wear%20your%20joy%20project#sthash.jcDO2Zsm.dpufI hope you'll learn what I'm relearning: Style isn’t superficial. It’s the call of your heart, made visible — and wearable.

Kelly Rae

PS: Thank you guys SO MUCH for all the love and response to my last post. I can't wait to dive in with a new session of students. I really can't. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Here we go again!

You guys.

I'm so excited to announce that I'll be running a second session of my painting e-course Hello Soul, Hello Mixed Media Mantras

OMGoodness! Like, big time. 

My heart is still totally gobsmacked by the reaction to the first class that I ran in February. It was quite possibly the most fulfilling thing I've ever done. From a teaching standpoint, it was a perfect marriage of my social work sensibilities/training with all that I've ever learned about painting and what it means to show up on the canvas, and for ourselves. I loved it. 

And the best part? My students loved it, too. The testimonials still pour in each week. Major gratitude. 

Because I’m expecting lots of gorgeous souls (hello, tribe!) who will want to embark on this journey with me for the second run of the class, I’ve created a wait list!

If you’d like to be the first to know when registration opens (and receive a 25% discount for class tuition), please click here to join the list. Registration will launch the first week in August and our virtual classroom doors will open on Monday, September 8th. IMPORTANT: Only those who join the wait list will receive the option to get 25% off tuition, so please be sure to join. 

Let Art Out. Let Love In.

You can learn all the details on exactly what the course is about, how long it is, etc. right here, but the most important thing I can say about this course is this: this is not just a painting/how-to e-course. Yes, we'll learn a million how-to's when it comes to painting. Yes, the student work (actual paintings) coming out of this course are stunning. But there is as much a personal growth/soul work component to this class as there is a painting component. And this alignment of the two, well, it's been total magic for all involved. And don't get me started about the community and the connections that form between students ---> Life. Changing.

Because it's true: when we let art out, we let love in.

Thanks, friends! I'm so looking forward to diving in with another group of students. Something tells me it's going to be amazing. 



Below is a sampling of testimonials from my amazing students who have taken the class. I’m so grateful for their taking the time to send over a little kindness. You can see more testimonials here


Thank you for spending so much time bringing mindfulness, intention and spiritual development to your course Kelly Rae, it is EXACTLY what I was hoping to find in an art class, because it’s not just an art class, it’s evolving my creativity as a mindfulness practice, WHICH I LOVE!

I am writing mainly to thank you for what I see happening to your students and the effect this course has on us that is far deeper than paint on a canvas. The ‘creativeness’ of this course is beyond describing.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: your painting class changed my life. I don’t think I can even describe how good it feels to finally be tapped into the inner artist that’s been trying to get out for decades!

I’ve taken many different classes and no one has EVER given of herself like Kelly Rae.

My nine year old daughter and I are having a great time with the lessons, which are so easy to follow. Thanks for doing this class!

Just doing part 1 was inspiring, and made me feel as if I just had a full session with a master life coach. 

I am so very excited about this process! To be able to move my mantra out of my head and onto paper and then canvas is such a welcome release.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

construction zone of life

Been thinking lately about the seasons of our lives when we are building something worthwhile - it takes so much effort, no? Even when it's in total alignment and flow, it's never easy. And how about how it often feels like we are in debris fields while we deconstruct so that we can construct? That's where I'm at right now as I know so many of us are. On those especially hard days, I've been reminding myself that I'm in a construction zone season of life. I've been here on/off for years, but this latest build? Well, it feels big and the learning curve is rich, both in life and in biz. All really good.

You know how the universe sends you little messages and life preservers every now and again - signs that you are exactly where you're supposed to be, heading exactly where you're meant to go? I cannot tell you how much this has been happening to me lately - super reminiscent of 2006-2008 for me when this happened so regularly I began to wonder what the heck was going on and if I was really seeing these signs or if I was just nutty. The truth is is that I was just tuned in, and those years changed my life and set the stage for many years that followed (creative growth, booming art biz, all those small steps, etc). The same is happening now and I'm trying to collect, and fiercely hold onto these messages in whatever capacity they arrive. I received one the other day when Nichole (my new employee - can't wait to introduce her later) emailed the above paragraph from this book at the exact time Betsy (my biz mgr) and I were having this exact discussion. This. THIS is why the construction zone - in my life and in my heart. I am building, friends. A team. A new foundation. A way to get these passion projects and ideas that have been in my heart for years out into the world now - without doing it alone, without sacrificing too much sleep, without the cycle of burnout. Good stuff. 

I'm so very excited and feel as if I'm learning something really important that will serve me in so many ways. I'm stepping deeper into my nature, learning how to be a boss, and harnessing all of my go power into the process vs the end product/offering. This is all really new to me yet I can sense how it all relates to bringing spirit and body together. I am, like, totally in awe and truly astonished at all the gems that live in the construction zone seasons of life.