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Friday, August 29, 2008

thoughts on book release week...

(how i feel this week: exposed, yet protected. small, yet big. - oregon coast)

oh my. this has been, hands down, the strangest and most labor intensive (heart + body) week of the entire year.

in the wee hours of the morning, as i finally breathe myself to sleep, i'm having heavy realizations that my heart has been released to the world - all packaged inside a book where i spill my guts, my experiences, my journey, and my thoughts for the readers as they make their way, too. it makes me feel vulnerable, exposed, nervous, happy, thrilled, alive, scared, and downright out of sorts. during the day i seem to be ok as i try to stay on track with a giant to-do list. it's at night when i want to fall apart, when all the emotions release at once. i sent my mom an email (i'm without a phone today) this morning requesting prayers - a rare gesture of asking for help and something i need to do more of. with all of this book talk, my world feels a bit small, huge, and selfish all at once - tough waters for me to navigate this week inside celebrations and nerves.

what's been holding me up in exuberance mode, rather than nerves mode, are my family (my sister has been calling with happy tears), my friends (who have endlessly listened to me as i process + celebrate), and the many emails starting to roll in with "my book arrived, my book arrived!" - all so important and meaningful to me this week (thank you).

for those of you who receive your books, i would love it if you would please consider heading over to amazon and writing a quick review. amazon reviews are so powerful in how these book do in the long run - i would so appreciate it.

ps- i sent an original painting to one lucky pre-orderer. i can hardly wait for her to get it. i feel a bit like a secret santa claus :)

ok, back to regular blogging soon...


Anonymous said...

chill. got my book, it's fantastic and open and warm and exhilarating and insightful and encouraging...and so are you. good on.

Jilly in Idaho said...

The mailman rang my doorbell twice and there he was, holding my long awaited book! It's beautiful!

After having only skimmed over it quickly it looks so well written and photographed that I can't wait to settle in and savor each page.

All your blood, sweat and tears are so fully appreciated. Thank you for sharing your spirit and creatvie talent with us.

I'm heading over to Amazon then I have a wonderful night ahead of loosing myself in your pages.
Peace and hugs... jilly

andrea scher said...

I am so happy for you girl!!!

and you're killing me with that awesome photo of you in the tree! I SOOOO need to move out there!

Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

Today, difficult day that it was, ended with your book in my mailbox. I brewed rose petal tea and sat in silence with your book. It felt sacred from the first glimpse out of the envelope.

I have skimmed every page. I am awed. I am inspired. I am falling madly in love with the sheer beauty of your effort and your impossible wisdom for such a young age. What a GIFT you have just sent into the world, Miss Kelly Rae.

Your book, filled to brimming with heart and soul, is gorgeous and real and ripe. I thank my never-fail instincts for pre-ordering a copy. I will treasure your book and learn from your book for many years to come. You made my day with its timely arrival.

This book will exceed your wildest imaginings. This book will bless the world. Thank you for creating it.

Patti G. said...

Kelly sweetie, My book is here today and I ripped the envie open and did a quick page through! GLORIOUS looking, sweet, endearing, lovely, and all of that!
Your autograph is wonderful in the cover, and although I was not the lucky winner of your secret santa, I cannot imagine the SQUEAL you might hear when THAT person opens theirs! Hehehe, you are such a cutie! Awesome work Kelly! I look forward to the in depth read and "write" as I see areas for that too! :0)

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

I received my book-it is beautiful! I plan on settling in later and going through every page!Thank you so much!!
chris p

marianne said...

What a treat coming home today to find your book in the mail.WOW!!! Well worth the wait...Your book is way more than I ever expected and you should feel very proud of a job well done! Looking foward to taking my time and reading it from cover to cover.
I love it Kelly..thanks for the "possibility and wings"

stef said...

i received my book and absolutely love it!!!! yahoooo!


kelly rae said...

you guys, thanks for all of this. i am loving hearing the stories of books arriving.

and andrea, oregon is calling you my friend!!


Kim said...

I received my book this afternoon. I am still so excited! You should have seen me when I got it in the house and forced myself to go through the rest of the mail before savoring the moment of opening up my long-awaited book. Before I sat down to read your book I actually brushed my teeth and got a nice tall iced cold glass of water! I felt like I was preparing for something important.

After reading your dedication page and About the Author page I made myself a cup of tea and journaled for a bit. It felt as though I was about to embark on something beautifully sacred. Kelly, this book, your story, *is* sacred and it's breathtakingly beautiful.

It is so encouraging to me to read that you have had the same exact fears that *I* have. This gives me so much hope, as well as the courage to face my fears, feel them, and do it anyway.

I planned on reading through the whole book first and then going back to try the techniques, but I just couldn't wait! Your directions are great and I love how you describe how you took your contributors ideas and made them your own. I got the background done for the first project. I'm working on drawing some faces so I can find my own style and I'll do the rest of it tomorrow.

As soon as I get through the book (probably by Monday! :)), I'll write a review at Amazon.

Thanks so much, Kelly, for sharing your beautiful soul with us in your blog and in your book. I have a strong feeling that reading your book is going to be a huge step forward in my own creative journey. I am ready to "leap upward, toward the sky of [my] potential."

With much gratitude,


Christianne said...

Kelly, I'm so excited for you! I can't wait until my finances are a bit more free so I can purchase a copy of your book. It looks GORGEOUS! I took your advice and enjoyed a few "Surprise Me!" hits on Amazon the other night . . . I kept getting pages where you had printed your heart photos captured in random places around the city and world. And you know what? I got so excited because I remember suggesting that you make a coffee table book of your "found heart" photos someday . . . only to learn that you already did!

Congratulations again. This week is about celebrating you.

Christianne said...

PS: I just have to say that Kim's comment here is awesome. I had to read it aloud to my hub, it was that great.

Jill said...

YEAH, I got my book today!!! You are the best Kelly. I'm sure you'll have much success from it.
Remember to breath and take in all the beauty your sharing. I would so be honored if I ever get the chance to meet you when your here in N.H.. Your like a friend that I've always wanted to have in my life.
Smiles~ Jill

Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

It's so liberating/affirming/frightening/humbling/magnifying to put our stories out into the world for others to see. It's not for the faint of heart, is it? Or is it? Either way, I'm so glad you're sharing yours. My book came today and it's sitting here beside me, paitently waiting for me to spend some more time with it.

Beth said...

It was quite a surprise to find your beautiful, soft on the heart, book in my mailbox this afternoon...and it even smelled yummy !!!

And now, as a completley last minute decision, I'm flying out to SQUAM...I just bought my tickets an hour ago.... after thinking about it all day long !!

I can't wait to see you there !!!

Nicole Austin said...

I received my book yesterday and I have finally had a chance to settle down in a cozy, quiet place today to pour over every single page. I am so inspired by the story of your creative journey and I feel like this book is the perfect companion as I start on my own artistic path. The artwork is amazing, each chapter is inspirational and the journal prompts are so much fun. I've already started answering a few in my journal and I am happy to be writing again--it's been a LONG time since I wrote in a journal and took time for my artsy soul. ;) Thank you!! Best wishes to you!!

curious girl (lisa) said...

thanks again kelly. your words are priceless to me. I blogged your book today.

Heather, paperfollies.typepad.com said...

my husband walked in the room and said, here's a letter (weighed much more than a letter!) for the 'lovely heather bradley' ~ what a great start! i knew right away it was your book! (the size is just perfect, btw, as i have a real thing for certain book/journal sizes) and last night, snuggled in the blankets, surrounded by snoring cats and dogs, i settled in to start reading. i am usually a GULP reader, but have decided to take this one slow, so am only through a few pages, but it is speaking to right where i am now, so...thank you, namaste.

(will surely write a review at amazon when finished)

jennifer said...

kelly, your picture is amazing and I love your puppy boy with ya! I have renewed anticipation and am very excited about the book. Can't wait to see it when it gets here and you are great to be a secret santa!!!
much love, I always enjoy your work and postings.

BigCat said...

It sounds so exciting. Congratulations.

The tree in that photo is just amazing. What a fabulous place.

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

When you have done your very best, all you can do is await the result in peace.

I *know* this book will be fabulous and once my copy arrives, I would be pleased to review it for you on Amazon.

I agree-it is like having a piece of your soul walking around out there-all of our art is like that, to varying degrees.

Thinking of you and sending up prayers. *hugs*

melissa said...

I received my book yesterday and I am so excited! I can't wait to sit down and take it all in. I am so very happy for you and can't wait to give you a big hug at SAW!

ama said...

As i've looked at nostalgia photos on the internet at us at the beginning of adulthood and received your truly magical work, so beautiful, so generous, so inspiring, so YOU, I feel the universe in me. I feel that spirit and truth and love and life and soul and intelligence and principle right inside my tiny human body, inside all of us, inside YOU. I am overwhelmed with pride and gratitude and an unnamable joy that you are in my life. Just feel joy, just feel humble pride, just feel grateful, that you are being the light that you want to see in the world, shining, truly, on all of us. Call me! I love my print! It moves my heart, warms it, lifts it up. You are a treasure and a brilliant beacon, gorgeous girl. I am so happy for you.

All my love,

stephanie t. said...

just got the confirmation email from amazon...OMG...I can't wait to get this baby in my arms...it will be such a joy to have some of your sweet spirit right here in my home!!
so so SO proud of you!!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BOOK. I'M SOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!! (I say that because I'm old enough to be your mother-HA!) I bet your mom is soooo proud of you.

Your book came today!!!! I was soooo excited when I saw the mailer in my box!!

I had planned to clean, clean, clean on this three-day weekend, but I couldn't resist taking a look through your beautiful, beautiful book!!! I love it!!! So pretty to look at--I smiled looking at every page. I can't wait to read everything and, most of all, try your techniques. Just thumbing through it makes me want to create art.

After my chores are done, your book is my reward. I'm going to really "explore" and "Savor" every page.

Sign me up for book #2!!!

Penny in Missouri :)

gracie said...

Reading the comments about your book is killing me while I await for my copy of your book to arrive! I am SOOOOOO excited, I wish that darn mailman would show up with the goodies instead of more bills....sigh!!!

Charlie said...

I got my book Friday...I can't wait to read it. I am waiting for a quiet time so I can totally lose myself in it. I'm going to go to Amazon too.
Thanks for sharing your insights and hard work. God Bless.

Cindy O'Leary said...

I was so thrilled to get your book and just can't wait to set aside time in my backyard, with my iced tea, to sit and savor each word. I've only just skimmed the pages, but already have started taking notes, jotting down quotes, and just nodding to myself, "Yes!". So much of it resonates with me, and it's clear that you and the contributing artists opened your hearts and souls to share with us. Thank you, thank you! hugs, cindy

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

I arrived home at the end of a difficult week to find your stunning book in my mail box. Oh, happy day. I put everything away and got in my comfy 'house p.j.'s' and sat down quietly to take it all in. Kelly, it's all I imagined and more. Much more. I can imagine each and every person receiving their very own precious copy is having the most glorious weekend. So...hang on to your proverbial 'hat' as the blogs begin to buzzzzz about the delicious morsel you have sent out to the world.

Hugs to you.
xo Rella

DebbieOverton said...

Kelly just what I would have expected from you! The book as well as your written words are beautifully printed for all to enjoy! Can't wait to frame the wonderful print and add it to KC's collection of your artwork. She will be thrilled to find it hanging in her bedroom during fall break in a few weeks. Off to enjoy a little more reading! Debbie

Jamie said...

I went to town and checked my PO Box this morning hoping for your book and it wasn't there... but I had a feeling I needed to go back to town again (this afternoon)to check once more and it was there! Yipee! It's wonderful and I'm so excited for you! LIke the others, I can't wait to read every page! Having a book published is a wonderful thing - good for you! Jamie V in MT

Marissa said...

I am ecstatic to see it at #1 and see all of those good reviews coming in. Eek!

Carol Z said...

My book arrived yesterday and I was SO happy. Its beautiful. And I have already taken flight. I have posted photos of my first collage and I threw in a polymer clay piece using your technique walkthough from Laurie Mika. My piece isn't done yet but I am SO happy I could cry. I needed this kick in the butt to just *try* something new. Thank you thank you thank you!

Robin G. said...

I have been enjoying your book all day long! Great job! It is more than a technique book (which I certainly love)--much more(lovely surprise). I was also really surprised to see that you live in Oakland, CA--I grew up in Oakland, CA!! --haven't been back in a few years, though.
Robin G. in Missouri

nancemandell said...

dear kelly

i received my beautiful book yesterday. it is a gorgeous book. i am a mom and 57, and have two kids in their twenties. you inspire me so much and i pray daily my two kids find a relationship like you have with john. your love of family shines and i read lots of journals but yours is one that truly MOVES ME. you are a real genuine spirit and
i love your sharing and the hope that is always in your heart. love and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx nancy from texas

Cindy said...

Three words my friend..."LOVE THE BOOK"! I now have a bit of magic in my home...thank you!

One Love Photo said...

recieved my book today and am SO very eager to cuddle up in bed and read away. am thinking i am going to wait, i have a long flight on tuesday and would love to read your words while up in the clouds! thanks for shipping it out so quickly, it looks really lovely. am eager to dive in!

Helen Yann said...

I can't wait to receive my book, but being in Australia, I'll have to wait a bit longer than you guys in US.Thank you for sharing your thoughts and dreams with us Kelly- you go girl........Cheers

paris parfait said...

Can't wait until my book arrives. Obviously it takes longer to travel to France. Love the photo of you in the hollowed-out tree! And congrats for the book - must be wonderful seeing all your hard work come to fruition and inspire so many people! xo

Marel Lecone said...

Is it me? I received additionally the "harmony" print. I couldn't remember your plan to send a special print out to one pre-order person. Thank you--thank you so much!! Everything about your package has been absolutely wonderful. I've already dived in . . . thank you so much sharing what you do. I can't wait to create Kellyrae style. I think it is the most brave and generous thing to do--to share some of your secrets and what goes through your mind as you create. Thank you--thank you again! Also, I think that I'm putting your book on the gift-giving list for my girlfriends. It is definitely something that I want to share with others.

Serena said...

I am soooooo excited that your book in on the way to me in Australia!!! There is no doubt in my mind that I will be joining in with those who have already received it and singing its praises. I adore the cover and I can't wait to feast my eyes upon the treats inside. :)

kirsten said...

i was so delighted to receive my copy this week!! it felt like christmas to me.

i don't know you, but i can tell you poured yourself into this. flipping through the pages, i can see you poured yourself into this. i find on those pages so much beauty & so much to inspire me as another creative human being.

peace & hugs (thanks for the wings),
-k ;o)

eleen said...

How incredibly exciting - congratulations! I came over to thank you for posting on my blog and when I saw that you'd authored your very own book, I had to pick one up for myself! I can't wait for it to arrive. Congratulations again! :]

kelly rae said...

carol z: i tried to click over to your blog to see your creation, but i'm not seeing a blog listed?

thanks to everyone for your kind words. i am so happy to hear the reviews as they come in :)


Teri Leigh said...

I squilled and jumped up and down when I saw that my book had come. I have been trying to wait patiently since August 1st and now it is here. It is even better than expected and I will pour over every page for many days and weeks. Thank you so much for doing this. You should be very proud.

Karen Mowrey said...

Kelly, I had added you to my google reader a while back and have check in on you from time to time. I have even ordered your book (not here yet) as I admire you art and your thoughts. Finally commenting today because I see your lovely German Shepherd, we have 3 of them. Now I know you are in good company so rest assured, enjoy all your hard work, your fears stem from your adrenaline and exhaustion probably. You can only handle what is on your plate one day at a time so please do not add energy to wanting to "fall apart" at night. You are young and successful, wear it well and with confidence!

catharinas-love said...

I have got this morning your book in the mailbox and it is a beautiful book !
Thanks Kelly
Catharina Maria Boer van der Gugten
the Netherlands

Charmingdesigns said...

I'm looking forward to getting your book. I do have a question. I am just now trying my hand with a new style, I took from Lisa kaus, but I would like to learn more, could you direct me to a book, article,dvd that would help me. Laurie lm.sm@comcast.net

shabby*girl said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You have earned the success! I follow your blog and love every post!!!! I'll get the book! Your art is FABULOUS! Best Wishes in your continued success, Missy

PCarriker said...

I just got back from our three day weekend spent with family and friends at the lake. I wasn't looking forward to the piles of laundry and unpacking, but I went to get the mail and there was your book! I only allowed myself a quick peek through and I am hurrying through my unpacking with a long look through as my prize. I was so excited about my article coming out in CPS this summer, I about peed my pants when it arrived, you MUST be wearing depends!!! So happy for you!!

Lorie said...

Well yippeee!! I retrieved my book from my PO box at lunch today. i can barely stand to do my work, as i have it propped open next to me. I guess i know what i will be doing tonight!

I absolutely love the layout and the art work and all of it. i only wish it were spiral bound, so that i could leave it open where i left off!

Love it, Love it, Love it!
hugs from Montana

Anonymous said...

Very excited for you, seeing all these wonderful reviews and delighted and inspired readers, and just longing for my copy to make its way across the oceans ...alexa

DeniseLynn said...

I got my book and it is soooo fab. I am carving out niches in my day to read it. Slowing I am savouring each and every page {I have 2 little boys so it will take a while but I will read it cover to cover - more than once I am certain}. It's delightful. It's soooo delish! I for one am very grateful for the hard work and all your emotions that are so clearly a part of every paragraph. Oh Kelly it's beautiful and I am so inspired to be a better artist, a better, truer me.

On a side note: I am sad to say there was no original painting in my box ... hmmm who is that one very blessed person??

justagirl said...

every day I wake up thinking like it is christmas that maybe my book might arrive today... am still waiting but I guess it has a little way to travel.

But I have enjoyed reading everyones rave reviews about it and am so very excited...

I can imagine it must be a weird feeling for you having your soul go out there in the world for everyone to read?

JuliaRose said...

Hi Kelly,
The book arrived today- 2nd Sept!...so quick...I am keeping the U.S. Envelope it came in as it has your label and stamps /etc...and inside..a lovely print I will frame and your lovely signed Autograph and message...I am a bit teary...as its all so sweet, and I know I will really enjoy it.
I am not well today and in alot of pain (Fibro & Rhuem playing up bigtime this week)....and I just reaaaaallyy have to vacuam (hoover?) to you guys.. as I have clients for the next three days here in my home clinic.....so I will now promise I can sit and read your book with a cuppa as soon as I get the work done!!!!..What Great incentive for me...I cant wait till my working week is over and I can have all the next weekend to explore and create after reading your book...make way for an Explosion of CREATIVITY at my house!!!..Thank You so much for wanting to share yourself in this way...its wonderful...xx

Katrina said...

congratulations, dearest lady! i have been so busy with my new job that i'm nearly out-of-the-loop! congrats on your new book and let's celebrate with a drink soon!

in other news, i just "tagged" you after i was just "tagged". so visit my blog to see the rules and post if you like! no worries if you don't. happy monday to you, dear friend. ;)

michelle said...

yay! 'Taking Flight' arrives in Australia! thank you, thank you, thank you! i can't wait to sit in a uiet spot and read it all. :-)

*~Niki~* said...

Your book arrived this morning and already I have rea half of it and skimmed the rest. Your words really spoke to me, it is a truly beautiful book.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly Rae,
Wow ......
I recieved my book yesterday, the postman caught me on my way back home from taking my dog for his walk.He said i've left an international packet for you !!!
I thought this can't be Kelly Rae's book too soon
I rushed home and carefully ...lol ripped the envelope open and found your book.
Big congratulations for creating such a superb book, it's wonderful everything that i hoped and more.What an amazing person you are , as with all your artwork the book couldn't of got any better.
I have told some friends about it and they have placed orders already.I haven't had achance to sit and read but i have looked at the pictures and how to parts , so informative the best .Well done!!!!
All the best
Hugs Lorraine xxx

Sacred Snatch said...

Congratulations! I so can't wait for this book release!

nancemandell said...


OH MY GOSH I won your beautiful original painting!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I have been reading your blog for at least a year and have wanted to visit Oregon because of you and John.

My daughter is 23 and I hope her life is like yours. I just love you
and feel a kinship even never meeting you in person.

My painting is going to be hung near my tiffany lamp. It is truly beautiful and such a surprise to receive it today.

BIG BIG Hugs from TEXAS! Nance
PS I am acounselor and worked with children with Autism spectrum disorders. I am a frustrated artist myself.

Anonymous said...

I got my (my sisters book) and had to totally devour it from cover to cover before I could relinquish it to her. I had bought it for my sister for her birthday and now MUST get my own copy. This book is truly inspirational and so chock full of great details that I feel giddy with inspired thoughts for my own work to begin!

Thank you Kelly Rae for a wonderful glimpse into your life, your inspirations and your art.

Debra Bunker, Concord NC