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Sunday, January 04, 2009

2008. a review.

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dear 2008,
you were an insane year if i do say so myself. so much activity. so much whirlwind. sometimes i wasn't sure of my footing, and other times i savored the flight. in the end, even with all the rolling ups + downs, you were nothing less than magical. and i mean it when i say magic. for example, i just took a moment to re-read my mondo beyondo dreams for 2008 -  the giant, daring dreams i wanted to manifest for 08. and guess what? they all happened: i did travel to italy with john. although we didn't rent a vw bus and drive it all around europe, we did recently buy one for all the adventures waiting for us in our backyard. pretty cool, eh? and the dreams kept coming all year: i did have a successful book release.  i did embrace the idea of teaching workshops in faraway places (hello, italy). and i did move back up to the northwest in a cute old house with a studio upstairs (not portland, but you surprised us with seattle instead). and lastly, i did remain inspired, in gratitude, and in love. like i said, 2008, you were full of magic. thank you so much for all of it. 

here are your other highlights:
* celebrating a few licensing deals. this was an unexpected surprise, but i'm so glad i jumped on board. 2009 will bring all sorts of new goodies, including canvas wall art reproductions, adorable glass pendant necklaces, more stationery products (calendars!), and so much more. totally excited about this as it all begins to unfold in full. 
* battling the blues. this was a constant as we negotiated living apart for many months while john was in graduate school. we never warmed up to california, although our time there was deeply important. it had major gifts, but our hearts were slow on the uptake. 
* i became a possibilitarian
* the quest for balance was never ending (as always for me). you even gifted me with major burnout from time to time :) 
* kellyraeroberts.com got a major facelift as did this blog :)
* dreaming up an italy workshop with mati rose (who i MISS so much these days!)
* big love for my man. always. and always
* taking my mom to artfest. boy, did she love it. and we're going again in a few months! 
* a trip home to florida for greggie's retirement party (wahoo!). and then another trip home for the holidays and my mom's big surprise party for her 60th birthday (serious fun). 
* i bought a pair of shorts - this was big, people. 
* i turned 33 yrs old. 
* holding Taking Flight in my hands for the first time ever. andrea was with me to celebrate when i opened it. (i so MISS andrea these days, too!). and the days of book release week were wild and wild. and i can't forget to mention all the reviews (both on amazon and in my inbox) i am forever grateful that this book reaches people and inspires them to create. what a gift. 
* one super scary medical scare (still unresolved, but i'm totally okay)
* lots of good press (thank you!)
* an awakening
* a life-shifting gathering of lovebombs
* traveling to squam and speaking at this event with mati (so nervous!)
* my first photo session, both alone, and with a dear friend. 
* spontaneously teaching at portland's art+soul (so glad i did) 
* loving italy every step of the way (teaching + traveling) 
* leaving oakland for seattle. we had always planned to move back to portland, but it seemed seattle insisted we move to its city (you are tricky, 2008).
* being a part of the house that love built in rwanda. this was extraordinary. 

see what i mean, 2008? you were simply insane, exhausting (in the best of ways), and magical. thank you for all of it - you will always be remembered, celebrated, and held close. in between all the creative fun + work, what i will most remember about you are the friendships and the time spent with family and with john. in the end, it's the heart to heart connections that make all the celebrations worth celebrating. so thank you for all the hearts in my life. they are precious and meaningful to me.