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Friday, September 11, 2009

oregon, we love you so

i am dying to tell you about our road trip adventure in the orange crush along the oregon coast. but we've been home a week already and i have found myself happy and busy and running out of hours to tell the whole story.
for now i will say that it felt so good to be back where we most feel at home, where we feel most like ourselves, and where falling asleep next to the ocean in a 1974 vw camper van with your soulmate and doggie feels like heaven.
and how trying new things, like not showering often and painting inside a car, are often hilarious and not easy and adventuresome all at once.

i can also tell you that roaming around oregon with no schedule or to-do list (except to find good surf or the next sunset or heart rock) is so very our style and feels incredibly perfect.

i can also say that finding a place for drying artwork inside a fully packed van proves to be difficult yet it can yield a pretty cool reflective photo while it's up on the dashboard drying. what else?

i love the beauty of matching flip flops, spirits aligned, dreams lived, possibilities imagined. it was a good trip for our souls. thank you oregon. you always deliver....xxo

ps-please welcome newest sponsors, Kate MacAndrew of Inspired Naturally , and Leonie Allan's Goddess School. thank you!