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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

artful blogging


the new issue of artful blogging is out!! i love that my sister and i are both featured in this issue together!!! she's always been uniquely creative and it's been so fun to watch her talents get recognized.

and man, i just love that there is a gorgeous gorgeous magazine totally and 100% dedicated to the art of blogging. how smart and cool is that? i'm telling you, the editors over at somerset know what they're doing. love....

speaking of editors, i'd like to publicly thank the lovely and amazing christen olivarez for all the support. she's the director of publishing and editor-in-chief of Somerset Studio - a position that she took over earlier this year and one that she's completing rocking. go give her some love on her blog and facebook and twitter!

in other news, it's madness over here. all day, everyday, we are unpacking, running errands, moving furniture (i'm not lifting, promise), rearranging, nesting. john and my dad are building a deck in the backyard and stairs out the back door (a project that got nixed from the renovation timeline). there is NO WAY we could have done this without the help of my parents who are here from FL. i am so thankful... more photos coming up tomorrow!!!

ps - it's not too late to enter the giveaway i'm doing over on the where women create blog! i'm giving away my Whole Shabang e-book right here!!! i believe today is the last day you can enter!!!

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