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Monday, September 27, 2010

entryway dresser before + after

still no baby arrival! but i wanted to share a home project with you guys...a before and after (love those!)

dresser before
one of the first projects i tackled after moving in was transforming this dresser. i knew it would be in our entryway - a place to hold scarves and hats and all those misc items we walk in the door with. because it's the first thing you see when you walk into the house, i wanted it to pop.

here's the after:

pretty fun, no? we totally love it. before i share the process of how i did it, i wanted to show you a couple of other peeks at what it looks like within the context of the entire space.

here's the view from our front door:
it's a very happy hello and way to enter the house. and we love the light fixture above - john found it at one of our favorite portland restoration joints called hippo hardware. it's old and funky and perfect for the space.

here's a couple of closer looks from the inside of the house:
entryway dresser
it's a really fun and easy breezy project and can transform any space - i've seen all sorts of variations out there, including doing the same project but with fabric! in this project, i simply used vintage wall paper scraps that i cut into varying sizes, all square.

in process
this photo shows all the drawers all lined up with some of the patchwork already done. to the right was my stash of papers i was using. i didn't really have a plan. i just grabbed a piece of paper that i liked, cut a few squares, and then randomly glued them to the drawers using gel medium (in gloss).

once all pieces were glued down in a patchwork style, i went over the drawers with a coat of gel medium (gloss) so it would be sealed and easy to clean once dry. i then swapped out the pulls with some pretty glass pulls from home depot. last but not least, my dear mom painted the rest of dresser a pretty shade of beige (carrington beige from benji moore to be exact).

and that's that! i've got many more projects to share but this is a fave. love the vintage, artsy fun of it all and it so nice to walk into a teal house and this be the first thing you see!

more soon - maybe the next post will be sharing the news that we had the baby (can't wait for that one). by the way, if i disappear from this space for a few days, it's because i'm having that baby, and will be back soon :)


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Anonymous said...

i ADORE this! i have a damaged tabletop and i think i might try to copy your technique to salvage it in a unique way. hope it turns out just as nice!