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Thursday, October 21, 2010

introducing dani!

i wanted to introduce you guys to Dani, my new studio assistant! let me just say that she has totally changed my life these last many weeks. i'm always a bit reluctant of letting go, especially if it has to do with my creative biz. but now that i have dani, and because of who she is, i've never enjoyed letting go more! she. is. delightful.

one of the things she did recently was update the shop with more inventory! that means we finally have more of the goodies that were previously sold out - bookmarks, laptop and iphone skins, necklaces, and more (all great stocking stuffers). also, don't forget that we're still taking in orders for signed datebooks and calendars (get these while you can - they will sell out soon).

so, when you place an order or when you have a question or if you want to be a sponsor, dani is your gal. she's my right hand woman. my partner in crime. and at a time when i've needed more help than i've ever needed before, she's an angel.

on the baby front, we are catching our breath in one moment, and losing it in another. ebb and flow. trying to honor all that comes with this experience. i have so much to say and write but struggling with finding solid time to string my words together. i know this will come with time. more soon!

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