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Friday, October 15, 2010

love wordy.

true knit sweater

one thing i've noticed about myself since giving birth is that i feel a bit drunk on love. this feeling reminds me of whenever i have a few cocktails in me and i'm all super lovey and mushy. does that ever happen to you? you have a few drinks and you're all dramatic with "oh, i love you so much" or "you're my bestest friend in the whole world" and on and on. you're a bit tipsy, but your emotional love gets all wordy when otherwise it might stay a bit more locked up.

that's how i feel now, everyday. love wordy. i'm all mush and gush. my friendships feel deeper. my relationship with john feels deeper. my love for my family feels more ignited. they haven't changed. but i have. i'm wide open over here. wide open.

in other news, the big celebration of the day is that we all got EIGHT hours of sleep last nite. sure, it was interrupted sleep every couple of hourse but the grand total for us adults was eight hours. i feel like a new woman. i've got on a boden dress and some make-up and my hair up. that and my mom arrived last nite. true was crying when she walked in the door. she promptly scooped him up and he stopped instantly and looked at her face with calm, calm, calm. she's got the touch :)

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