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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my office (in a closet!)

(my office, in a closet)

last year when we moved into our home, i knew i would need a small office space in a totally separate area from my studio space. we live in a fairly smallish home so i needed to get creative about where i would put it. i did a quick internet search on "closet offices" and was completely inspired by this project that country living featured on their website.


i was so in love with their office in a closet that i, and i kid you not, replicated their entire project. i bought the same wallpaper they used, the same color spray paint for the file cabinets, the same desk platform, and the same shelves from ikea. i've never done that before! it felt sort of silly, but hey, I LOVE MY OFFICE! with all the other million home projects we had going on at the time of moving in, i loved and enjoyed the simplicity of following their directions (they spell out the project in step by step instructions - so cool).


of course, i made it my own by putting up photos and trinkets that have meaning to me. the baskets store monthly paperwork. the files are full. the hanging paper lanterns came from ikea. the frame on the left is lined with chicken wire that i clip my photos to. there are a couple of heart rocks, a cigar box full of mementos, a fave pic of me and john, glass teacups that hold all the sea glass we've collected....this space in meaningful and functional all at once.


i'm a tidy girl. i like my work spaces to stay clutter free. otherwise, my mind can't focus. the basket on the right holds my daily planner and my notebook that holds ideas/notes/lists and everything else. my hard drives are hidden behind the little suitcase that holds my pens and such. i found the vintage desk lamp at a local antique mall - it makes me smile.

so there you have it. it turns out that i follow directions very well. i call this my "paint by numbers" office - it was that easy. thank you, country living!


Gabi said...

I love your office space!! It's simply amazing!!! I would love to know where you got that wall paper. It's stunning :) and what color is that spray paint ;P

-Gabi from Savannah, TX

Clayton Steadham said...

That was totally cute and very innovative! Compared to the typical office standard of using a plain background, I sincerely think the wallpaper looks very appropriate. You did a really good job in maximizing your small space. What’s really important, though compact, is that you have an efficient workspace. :)

Clayton Steadham

Holiday Virtual Office Services said...

What a lovely closet you have there! The wallpaper is a beauty too!

Kristen Conley said...

Okay, this is officially going into my idea board for when I move this summer. Love it!

Julie Maloney said...

I love, love, love this! Well done. xxoo

Lina said...

How exciting! So beautiful! Although you were true to the inspiration you, it's so you! I like the touches you added.. the lanterns.. and so great that it can be out of sight in an instant!