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Monday, September 19, 2011

Hello Soul, Hello Business

Beth + me
You guys. I have some news. Big big exciting I've-been-up-to-something news.

For the last many months I've been working on a collaborative project with the extraordinary Beth Nicholls of Do What You Love. In fact we are in a cafe together at this very moment (see photo above) working on the finishing touches! I don't typically collaborate on big projects, but I could not resist working on this particular project, with this particular woman, with this particular content. One of my biggest passions is talking about business. Not just the usual happenings of business, but what is possible in business when we approach it from a place of soul, a place of beauty.

Over the course of many months, Beth and I have been working together to really dig into the ideas of soulful businesses. What makes a soulful business? Why does it matter? Can profit and soul coexist?  We've examined, explored, discussed, researched, and have come up with something we think is pretty darned special.


We're calling it Hello Soul, Hello Business. It's a completely new way of approaching business - one that starts with soul, embraces beauty, and results in profit. We want to start a revolution. And we want you to be a part of it with our pioneering e-course called The Business Soul Sessions: Where Passion Meets Profit.

Please click over to our brand spakin' new website to learn all about it, what we've been up to, and how it can change your life, your business. We'd love love love it if you joined us. This has been a HUGE part of my life these last many months. I'm so excited to finally officially release it into the world!


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