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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

studio move in progress!

Holy smokes. I am moving my studio + office this week. I'm really doing it. It's taking forever. I'm having some who do I think I am gremlins. I'm totally stressed as crucial deadlines are due in the midst of all of this chaos. But I am doing it. A little in disbelief, but this place is just amazing. Location is amazing. And it turns out that this building houses a ton of self care businesses (yoga, therapy, spa, salon, massage, naturopaths, etc) so now I really have zero excuse to not take better care. I think this space/building/location will do wonders for my work, my body, my mind. OMG!

Here's a peek at what's going on:

New space

Blank canvas.

Current view. Moving in to new studio/office!

Moved in.

Current view. Still unpacking from move to new studio space. Making progress!


Introducing the newest addition to the KRR studio assistant team: my mom! Isn't she an adorable employee?

Meet my newest studio assistant: my mom! That's her desk area behind her (still unpacking) and she will be taking Dani's place (current assistant). I will miss Dani HUGELY (she's doing her own thing now - so happy for her!), but incredibly glad to have my mom on board. Isn't she a cute employee?


Getting there. My dad built my farm table desk (to the right, buried underneath stuff) and the studio/painting area is on the far right.

Doesn't look like much now but this is going to be new studio main table. That is an old door for table and old mattress spring for inspiration wall

This will be the main painting table - it's an old door I bought for $5. The bed spring above will be super useful...


Unpacking a studio is serious detail work. My head is spinning with how to put it all together - the paints, the paper, the markers....so much stuff.  Today, the drill and I had a few mishaps. I had to take a walk around the block to blow off some steam - mean drill. 

As soon as we settle in, the shop will reopen (likely next week). Stay tuned...can't wait to share finished photos of the space when it all comes together. 

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