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Thursday, November 01, 2012

around here lately

Studio fun.

Creating: Been pushing my creative edges a bit. Feels good to stretch and try new things. Lately, I've been craving purple tones which surprises me. Purple and I have never agreed on anything. 

Basement renovations mean giant holes in the wall (soon to be windows!) #houseadventures
Nesting. We are currently in the midst of finishing up the basement remodeling project which means new (big) egress windows, walls, wood floors. Super excited. Our bungalow is fairly small so we're stretching out every square inch we can get. When it's all done, our basement will include a spare bedroom, laundry room, playroom, and family/tv lounge room. A ton of work, but worth it. This project is giving me flashbacks to two years ago when we gutted and remodeled the main house when we were on the edge of having a baby (crazy times). 

Excited that you can now see full images when browsing my shop. Amen!!!!

Updating. You guys have been asking for this for a LONG time. Happy to make your shopping experience easier by being able to view FULL images on main shop pages. Can I get an amen? Check it out! Speaking of the shop, we're about 3/4 through our 2013 signed calendars. Get yours while you can :)

Loving. True and I have been watching this video over and over. I just love everything about it. I'm not going to lie, there has been a tear or two shed. It's that awesome.

The three of us. #latergram #myboys #mamalove #bliss
Fog and color on the way to OR coast.
Adventuring: To the coast, to the gorge, to the waterfalls, to play dates....I adore my family time.

Clearing: I've been cleaning out my closet, big time. I have so much more to say. A whole post, really. About creating clearings, making room for more growth, and how the simple act of cleaning out a closet is so much bigger than getting rid of some old clothes. More on that soon.

Added a new mirror to my mirror collection. New one has wings! It's new from my home decor collection with Creative Co-op. LOVE!

It says "kindness changes everything" new large wall piece from my line with creative co-op. love it so much!

Decorating: Been moving things around, rearranging furniture, and putting up a few new pieces from my collections. The piece above reads "kindness changes everything" and it's a large, substantial wall piece. I just love it. (You can buy it here, if you're interested). We're moving rooms around too - creating office nooks, creative play nooks for True - that kind of thing. I love this stuff.

Hello Autumn. #pumpkins #mizmoozshoes
Rain makes everything feel like an adventure.
It's here. Soggy and wet. Hello Portland rainy season. You snuck up on me. #notready

Relishing: Fall is in full swing over here. It's gorgeous. The rain is here too and that is just fine (because it makes everything feel like an adventure). The colors, though, are spectacular. The chill, the smell,  the beginnings of Autumn are my favorite time of year. The pace is slower. Love. 

True's beloved sockdog has a new friend in Bleu the sweetest soft monster ever from the etsy shop of @katrinarodabaugh. Love!
(Sockdog + Bleu, the adorable (happy) softie via Katrina's shop)
At the Hood River harvest festival. It's not a purse but a cute bird feeder we just bought from local artist.
(It rains here. A lot.)

Celebrating: True turned two at the beginning of Oct and we've been celebrating the whole month. Then there was Halloween, and visits from faraway family, and day trips to pumpkin patches, and harvest festivals, and just so much living. Life is whizzing right through. And I'm working hard on not missing a thing.

Event Signing Next Week!
PS: If you happen to live in the Portland, OR area, I'll be doing a signing next week at Garden Gallery's new retail space housed inside their super cool warehouse. Think cozy, unique, industrial space - very chic. I'll be there Thurs, Nov 8th from 11am - 2pm. I'd love to meet you!!! There will be snacks, wine, and lots of goodies for purchase (they carry ALL of my products and they're fully stocked). 
Address: 2967 Industrial Ave, Hubbard OR 97032. 


Cassie said...

Neat! I'd love to go to your signing that day and see all the great products. I'm just across the river in Camas. :)

p.s. great photographs!

Reflect -n- Recreate said...

Ive been sooo waiting for you to share you and your family again was thinking this blog has changed so much lately that I miss the blog I had gotten to love thank you life does go by so fast True is getting more handsome what a joy!!!!

Alberta Art Classes said...

Have you heard "Free to Be You and Me?" It is a must. Really. My children are in their early twenties and still reference it! Xo.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I can't wait to see your new renovations! I love your house, and your kitchen is my inspiration!!! from Valerie

Michele - Just Pipi said...

Oooooh...l cannot wait to see your renovations! Yay!

Susan Seale said...

Love that video! Last year at this time we were watching it obsessively at my music studio (I work with children) and the kids were singing it with all their hearts:) I think it's going to be stuck in my head all day now! Thanks:)

Isabelle said...

It is so funny that you should mention purple... I have never been a fan of this color, but for the past month, my heart skips a beat whenever I see purple and coral together.... It must be something in the air, or perhaps a special flair artists have for discovering trends before they become trends!!!

curlygirlpress said...

Such fun you've been having but really - is that a travel trailer PURSE in the last photo? If so, can I say LOVE?!!

Suzanne Drolet said...

Hi Kelly Rae...loving this post! I have to say that purple is my favorite color! I don't know what it is, but I can't seem to get it out of my paintings....my favorite combination for purple is Alizarin Crimson and Ultramarine blue - by altering the amounts with white, you can get quite a range of purple. Also, to cut down the intensity a bit I add a touch of yellow. Have fun with it!!

Jeannette said...

Oh my gosh how big True is getting.Seems like only yesterday you were sharing his birth with us.How lucky we are to get to watch him grow.

Chictiques Cafe said...

Love the 'decor shots' esp the 'kindness changes everything' one(I have collected a bunch of that same colorful pottery)--at first I thought it said 'kindness changes everybody', and that is SO true too. One of my fave quotes is 'when in doubt, the kind thing is the right thing'. Let's keep spreadin' it around :)