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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How cute is that: plate wall arrangement

How Cute Is That? is my mom’s favorite expression — and our ongoing home decor & DIY series. From aprons to attics to alternative offices, we’re breathing new life into anything old, sharing inspired ideas,  and spinning mismatched scraps into charming decor. And YES, you can try this at home!

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I am still rearranging furniture, wall arrangements, and more. Loving every second of it. I switched up our kitchen wall a bit for the arrangement above. I love it. I'm into plates. Some are old, some are new...


I didn't really have a plan. Just started hammering and to see what would unfold, not unlike the painting process, really! By the way, the runner you see above is several vintage hankies all sewn together (saw the idea in a magazine) by my mom - super great idea. And I altered the otherwise plain white lampshade by gluing some vintage yo-yos around the base.

How cute is that?


Meanwhile, I snapped what would be a delightful shot of True only to find when I went to download it, that it shows papa checking his diaper for a poo.

This is my life, friends.

Full of surprises. And wall rearranging. And lots of How Cute Is That moments. 


ps: Many of you have asked where to get the "Kindness Changes Everything" wall piece that is in the photos above. Good news. You can get it here. Or, if you prefer, the smaller print is right here.


debbie h. said...

Kelly I love the pic you snapped of True, real life in action!!! How many times a day do we have to check the diapers for poo? Love the plates. What do you use to hang your plates with?

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

love the plates, and totally crushing on that pie safe. I so want one of those