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Friday, December 14, 2012

a blinking nose...

True's first snowman. Adorable.

We are in the season. All in. True made his first tiny adorable snowman. We will remember it always. He also got a blinking nose, and friends, you have to watch....30 seconds of a two year old's joy...hilarious, esp at 10 seconds.

Kelly Rae


JC said...

So precious!!

Joanne said...

OMG....True has gotten SO big and looks like a real toddler....no more a baby! So cute...thanks for sharing.

Debbie said...

Hi Kelly.
I have joined you after having aswrch around for your name on the internet.
Two days ago I bought one of your Ladies, My Wish. I saw her a local shop and just had to have her, she is beautiful and already people are saying "Oh she is gorgeous" where did you get her!
Your blog is lovely, so I have subscribed to your messages, is this how I get to see waht you pop on your blog, couldn't see a follow me button.
Nice to see you.

Debbie said...

Oh so sorry, got so carried away I did not say that True was so sweet on the video clip adn the photo's.
Look at all your snow!

Jayne Hiltz said...

Kelly Rae,
Your beautiful art work and your beautiful words are so inspiring. I have a wonderful 17 year old son Neil, who has Autism as well as Tourette's Syndrome. Life can be very challenging. Your beautiful words and art are so heartfelt. I hope to start collecting your pictures. Don't ever stop creating. You touch lives. Thank you! Jayne Hiltz, logicraft@comcast.net Goffstown NH.

Jude said...

True is one of the cutest baby boys ever!!!! Happy Holidays to you all! Sending love & light from Alabama :)