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Saturday, December 01, 2012

art in motion: living

With Art in Motion, I share the visual journey through the life of one of my paintings — from the blank canvas, to the first splash of inspiration, all the way to the finished piece. Enjoy to the fullest!

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Grow(ing), Learn(ing), Feel(ing), Laugh(ing), loving, choosing......living.

A little different for me - good to switch things up a bit. The original will be available soon, but the signed/matted print is available right here in our newly updated shop.

Happy Saturday, you guys and happy art making!

I get so many questions about which art supplies I use and love. You can check out my favorite supplies for making art  (with descriptions) over here or if it's easier, I've put some easy links below for you :)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Where do you find such beautiful papers?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to submit a question;

What is your daily routine? Is there even such a thing as a "typical" day in the life of KRR? ;)

Canvaspics said...

I never knew the artist flat panels had the nailhole etc. I always used canvas for ease of hanging for buyers but never really like the way may papers decoupage on the surface (too flexible). Thanks, might have to try.