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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Decor!


John is a big believer in getting out all of the Christmas decor the day after Thanksgiving. I think it's sweet that he wants the Christmas season to last as long as possible.

But this year, our fantasies of all of us decorating together just didn't seem to work. Hello, active two year old! Parents, I know you know what I'm talking about.  Finally, one day, about a week or so after Thanksgiving, True and I left the house for a few hours and when we came home, John had fully decorated the entire house, except for putting ornaments on the tree (we did that as a family). I know, I know! I love him, dearly.

Here's a little tour:





I found a vintage Santa cookie jar! Although I'm afraid to ever wash it or actually use it, I love it so. And the adorable snowman music box was a hand-made gift from Jackie, who is ultra talented. True loves winding him up.






Our Oh Joy banner is from Minted. We also got our holiday cards from them (first time ever!) and I love the quality. Highly recommended for all special occasions.


John made this center piece using a live wreath, a vintage wreath, some clip on birdies, and teal bulbs. Love. 


True's first construction paper Christmas tree. Swoon. I love that we're in the age where we get to tape his creations to our windows. 


Grandma made True his first ever advent calendar banner using cut out mittens. So cute.


Sending cozy holiday wishes to each of you...
Love, Kelly Rae


20 North Ora said...

Kelly - Am new to your blog. Your home looks so festive. What a sweet hubby to do all of that.

Merry Christmas.


Sylvia said...

Thank you for sharing!!! I just LOVE your house!

my two hopeful wings said...

Just delightful!!! Thanks for letting us have a peek! Bright and super cheerful! My kids are getting a little older...my baby is 10...I'm excited for you, too, to be in the "construction paper creations" stage! Blessings back to you <3

Kelly said...

Beautiful photos. Your home looks lovely and very Christmassy. xx

Alberta Art Classes said...

Delightful! I still have ornaments on the tree from when they were wee. I still swoon. Xoxo.

amalasyura said...

Also new to your blog :) your house look so joyful. Have a nice holiday then.

Ronnie said...

Just beautiful! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

carol...... said...

....absolutely charming and wonderful!

Phoebe Bean said...

Gorgeous decorations! I bet it's all enchanting for True. Merry Christmas!