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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nourish Your Soul: 12/12/12 SALE!

Each week, I shine a spotlight on a few creations that I'm particularly proud of. Most of my products are inspired by the rich conversations I have both in my inner life, and my outer life. My goal is to communicate the soul of those conversations so that each piece creates a sense of belonging + community.

May you be inspired — and perhaps find a little something to nourish your soul!

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TODAY ONLY: Garden Gallery, the online vendor who sells all of my products featured below (and more) is  offering FREE SHIPPING. No promo codes needed...just shop and enjoy free shipping! Today only! 

Friends, this switch lights me up. How could it not? Wouldn't these make awesome gifts or stocking stuffers this year? Super affordable and available here. 

Update: Sold out, but here's a double shine brightly switch plate, and even more styles right here.

Speaking of shining, I'm gifting this little dish (only $5!!!!) to all my favorite friends this year. Love, love, and love some more. Available here.

Update: Sold out, but several more affordable dishes in lots of styles right here

And speaking of shining and radiating, this Believe In Possibilities metal wing piece is one of my favorite wall pieces. It either hangs from the chain, or from the keyhole on the back of it. Either way, love this so much, friends. Available here. 

Update: Sold out, but here's similar one which is also lovely lovely! 

I can't forget to mention the wall canvases. They are our biggest seller, ever, and for good reason. They look stunningly like the original paintings. They're also crazy affordable. There are many many sizes and designs to choose from. Pair them with of the "pop frames" (best invention ever) and you're all set. Love, love, and more love. Available here.


These cowgirl boots were a long time in the making until we could get the mold just right. The result? Awesomeness. I can't look at these and be anything but happy. Available here. 

PS: All of my products featured above (and more) are sold online via Garden Gallery Works (a local shop here in the Portland area), but if you're looking for signed/matted prints and/or originals, you can get these in my online shop

TODAY ONLY: Garden Gallery is offering FREE SHIPPING. No promo codes needed...just shop and enjoy free shipping! Today only! 

PPS: International customers, we love you! Garden Gallery is HAPPY to ship worldwide, but instead of placing your order online, you'll need to call them at 800-452-5266 and Carol can help you! Or, if you prefer, you can email them at gardengalleryorders@gmail.com.

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Virginia J Bailey said...

Hi Kelly Rae: First of all, I love your beautiful art and your posts.
As an artistic creator myself, I was wondering about the whole mass production thing you have going here. Would you mind telling us a little more about this? How did it happen, what do you have to do to make it happen, etc? I'm guessing this information might be in previous posts, if so please direct me.

Jennifer Valentine said...

LOVE the Christmas angel so very much!