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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto!

Soul sister @brenebrown
(Brene and I earlier this year)

Recently, my friend Brene asked if I would design a special edition of her brilliant parenting manifesto. And I loved creating it for her.  The manifesto is straight from her best selling book, Daring Greatly, a book I highly recommend (I wrote more about her book here).

But the manifesto. My goodness. Brene's words makes me want to scream YES. As a newish parent, these words go straight to all my hopes and dreams of the kind of parent (and person) I want to be for my son, True. 

The manifesto is for sale and the proceeds go to Brene's charity: water campaign (she is so close to her goal to raise 15K!). I have to say, both sizes (either 9x12 or 18x24) look beautiful framed! Click here to order. The 9x12 is $18 and the large poster size 18x24 is just $20.

For the holidays, orders received on or before 12/16 at midnight will ship out on 12/17. Orders received after 12/16 will ship on January 2, 2013. 

UPDATE From Brene 12/13: WE ARE SOLD OUT OF BOTH PRINTS. We will fill all existing orders. We will have more prints and posters after the first of the year. Thank y'all so much. We're going to meet our charity: water goals for 2013! 

Huge thanks to Brene for asking me to do it and here's to Daring Greatly in parenting and in life!
Kelly Rae

ps: Huge thanks for yesterday's 12/12/12 sale!


Jennifer Valentine said...

This, truly resonates with me. You did a beautiful job! (both of you!)

moyra scott said...

that is great. I will order in the new year! I love it. xxx

Anonymous said...

It should be "Brene and me" earlier this year. Love your blog, but have a thing about proper use of pronouns. I drive my kids crazy correcting them, but do note when they use them correctly.

Tiffany said...

I googled "wholehearted parenting manifesto" and found this page! Any chance there will be more posters available to order? :)

kelly rae said...

Hi Tiffany! You'll have to check over at Brene's page. They manage all of the production on this manifesto.


Tiffany said...

Thanks! It said "sold out" last time I looked but I will email someone.
Your art is beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

I would also love to know when this print will be available for sale again! :) My new house has a lonely wall just waiting for it... :)