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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Every girl needs a pair of red shoes.

I received a recent email from a dear friend that was signed, "I'm a trainwreck. And I love life."


I can so relate. Lately, the days have been long, filled with lots of life practice: courage, boundary setting, gratitude. Sometimes we lose our way. Just a little. Or sometimes a lot. Yet, there we are in the the center of our dreams, of our beautiful families, loving every square inch.

The lovely thing about life is that we have full permission to simply be alive. And sometimes that means being broken and whole all in the same breath.

I'm a trainwreck. And I love life.

Brilliantly said. And lived.

Thanks, friend.


Jenny said...

What an encouraging post. I just posted something similar and got a comment from another artist who felt the same way. Is there something in the air? I absolutely love your friend's way of looking at it. This quote is going on my wall today. Thank you!

Alberta Art Classes said...

I love when we are able to see past the dark at the always shining light that is us...Xo.

Susie said...

a resounding YES to this many times over.

Andrea Lily said...

I think, when we are OK not being Princess Perfect all the time we are more real... when we can "sigh" and say this is my life, really own it and move forward... that's wonderful... and it's when the ladybugs land.

Daisy Girl's Art Studio said...

What a great post, Kelly. Thanks for sharing. :)

Traci Johnson said...

Great post! For me, it's definitely about being REAL and authentic, not being perfect. Life is just that...life. It has its ups and downs, circus rides, and moments of absolute magic! Enjoy each moment.

Lorelei Lynn Broxson said...

A beautiful post Kelly. I love that comparison. It made me smile when I read the line, "I feel like a train wreck and I'm loving life." A feeling we can all relate to some days. Thank you for sharing your journey.

cc said...

So nice to read this post this morning!

S. Kim Henson said...

Perfect for me. I'm sharing.

Maggie Pinque said...

LOVE. Exactly right and I feel her pain.

Kristy O said...

I made a quick stop today at a local antique store and did a double take because I saw a piece that looked like it was your style so I picked it up and it was! So cool!

RuthSMac. said...

At the end, we are all related to that...this is life.
Thanks for sharing it.