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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Nourish Your Soul:: The Valentine Edition

Each week, I shine a spotlight on a few creations that I'm particularly proud of.  May you be inspired - and perhaps find a little something to nourish your soul.  Click here to see all the posts in this series. 

PS: All of the products featured below (and more) are sold online via Garden Gallery Works (a local shop here in the Portland area), but if you're looking for signed/matted prints and/or originals, you can get these in my online shop

PPS: International customers, Garden Gallery is HAPPY to ship worldwide. Please email them at gardengalleryorders@gmail.com to get started. 

Friends, the mix of industrial metal with pretty art is making me swoon. It's doubled sided for twice the sweetness. Did I mention these babies are super sturdy, substantial little gifts? You gotta trust me on this one. They. Are. Awesome. Available here. Or you can collect all twelve

My new vintage-inspired jewelry collection is so lovely and is off to an amazing start after making its debut last month. Love the combination of art with vintage feel. Makes my heart happy.

I am so pleased with how this little shine charm necklace turned out and I especially love how all the charm necklaces can be easily layered with other favorites. Like my paintings, I love to dress in layers, where jewelry in layers, and on and on. Hello, layers!
Shine is available here. Or you can collect them all!

This canvas makes me smile every time I see it. Our best seller from the new release it is bound to inspire kindness. Available here

This photo is from this month's Sundance catalog! Getting that phone call was super fun. It went something like this Her: "Hey! Kelly Rae, you're in Sundance!" Me: "NO WAY!"  Her: "WAY!" Me: "Squeeeeeeel!" As a long time fan of the Sundance catalog it is such an honor to be featured! Thanks, Sundance!  

Thanks, friends. As always, our mission is to continue to create soulful products that blend creativity with meaning, beauty with function. All ideas welcome!

Kelly Rae


Alberta Art Classes said...

Heehee. I just got my Sundance Catalog. I can't wait to find you! Xo.

Luvcreatincards said...

All of your design products look wonderful. I especially like the boxes and tins - I wish that we could get the catalogues and items them here in France.

Dawn Pasco said...

I love your new jewelry line. How cool is that to be in the Sundance catalog. I love that catalog. Congrats!