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Friday, May 31, 2013

Link love!

Signed/matted prints available here.

It's been a long time since I offered up some Link Love. Enjoy, to the fullest!

Loving that my friend Liz is offering up a 10-day deep dive into self-care just for moms of toddlers. It's called Water Your Toddler Mama Soul. Sign me up, please!

This guy gave me full body shivers. A must MUST must watch.

My biz partner Beth and friend Lilla Rogers have teamed up to launch a Global Talent SearchThe winner wins two years' representation with Lilla Rogers. Holy smokes, that is BIG! Are you an artist who wants to license your work? This might just be your big chance!

Have you guys already read this? I will never judge myself (or other mamas) again when I'm on my phone at the playground. Another must read.

Totally digging The Creative Joy  Journal +  Playbook !  It's free, inspiring and inviting everyone to document their creative joy. Yes, yes, yes! 

Currently reading this newbie and this classic. 

Listening to a lot of their tunes lately. The best!

Was recently introduced to PNW's journal for conscious living when they invited me to be on their cover (thank you!). Love this journal and everything they're about.

Totally adore her, her art, and her new ecourse which looks AMAZING!

Have you seen Lacy's Kale Yeah! stickers? No? You are in for a treat and you can have some, for FREE!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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big hug to you! happy friday, friend! xoxo *s